Tuesday, July 7, 2009


small kids are so adorable!i am rarely in contact with children (despite my various small cousins) and am well known for a non-kids type (compared to my estimable mama, jaja, gegel and even alin!)...my small cousins don't know what to make of me and i think one of them are even afraid of me (acik mani's youngest daughter, who is around 8, i think...and for some reasons i never managed to remember her name)...ah she's a small snob anyway (can u imagine, she is so very talkative to mama when mama picks her up from school but snubs mama in our family social function as if she never seen her before???such snobishness for someone so young!)...

anyhow, my affinity for kids aside, i love my casual job (it was a one-off part time job with my uni for the incredible science fair, a science fair for kids)...my job was to man a help-desk, general freebie bag-and-ballon runner, setting up and cleaning up...it was a tiring 9 hour job, but i really love it...the kids are so adorable and cute, i felt like gobbling them up, or at least pinch them in the cheeks until they are pink!one of the things i remember was the questions...boy they are endlessly inquisitive and it seems to me their font of questions never dries up!but it was great!i feel like a big sister who knows best...

another aspect that i really love is giving away the free goodie bags and ballons...boy i feel like santa!the small kids (the ones around 3-8 years of age) were mostly shy...they were looking at me so intently with such big eyes, some of them looked as if they were going to cry if i say 'boo', as if i could read their mind (and what they had in mind was having a balloon!)...i would look at them in the eye and smile and say 'would u like a balloon?' and they would nod their little cutesy heads vigorously!so cuteeeeeee!!!and their parents or caregiver would prompt 'what should u say to the nice lady?' and they would timidly burst out a 'thank you' or 'please' (the please part is soooo unexpected and thousand times adorable as i had already given them the balloons!)...i would smile and say 'have fun' chirpily (who can guess i can be this chirpy?FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!!) and for the case of 'please' i would laugh and say 'thank you!' in turn!hehehe...what a lovely day!


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