Friday, July 24, 2009

exercise oh exercise

me and exercise don't go well together...the only way to get me to exercise is to get me to think that exercise is fun...don't get me wrong here....a few things related to exercise that are really great fun to me are the kind of exercise that i really enjoy...i can deal with sweat and smell because they are not considered as exercise in my harley dictionary of life....yup yup the main reasons that i can't deal with exercise are the grunting, sweating and smelling...major ewww...those are, ah, anyway i won't go there, too gruesome to explain...

exercises that i do enjoy are cycling (as in on a real bicycle, being mobile and moving in all the fresh air, not the fixed bicycle in the gym...imagine the sweat and bacteria all over the bike....major turn-off!), swimming (it's more like flopping around like a demented whale than swimming but alas, that description is not accepted by any exercise handbook) and taekwondo....the last exercise is indeed a self-defense class and it has thousands of exercises that i hate such as running and doing push-ups...but i don't know why, when it comes to taekwondo, my brain suddenly goes skewed and realign itself to normality and decipher all those 'usually hated' exercises as 'acceptable'...i also love's a physical activity, thus it's considered as exercise is it not (please please be true!)???

anyway, can't people create a better way to drag an exercise-hater like me to do that damnable thing called exercise?like hmmm creating a gym just for fat people so that we won't be embarrased by all these buffed and toned females or those males with abs and buns to die for...fat people and the latter, the buff and beautiful, are 2 totally different species....we don't mix well...or i should actually fix my mindset and think of exercise as a great gob of fun and one of the way to live long and healthy...*sigh* if that will happen within this 20 years period...


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