Thursday, July 23, 2009

daily planner

i'm being cautious this week....this week being the first week of the new semester and all...okay, it has nothing to do with anything but yeah, i'm trying to get my school legs back (sea leg, school leg, get it?)....anyway, my sleep cycle is still crazy...i fell asleep around 5 pm or 7 pm and wake up at random time like 12.30 am or 3.15 least i don't fell asleep in the middle of class...

a happy news of the day!i bought a new 2009 diary/daily planner!it's a bit too late (as i should've bought it at the start of the year but hell, it's so hard to find one that fits me!) but it's on sale at the's basic black and joyce had one too...actually she was the one who told me about it...she's a kindred spirit...she is similar to me (now i've found my own species!!!!yay!!!we aliens stick together for the future of aliens!)...she arrange stuff in colours...she write down things that she is supposed to do in her daily planner and tick them off when they're done (very moi!) and keeps stuff (pack-rat!)...and yes, buying a daily planner constitutes as a major news of the day...accept it and u'll be better off!

it was a bit eerie to actually find someone who's almost obsessive complulsive as u are, but there it is (as joyce stated 'i'm organised, not obsessive compulsive'....rightttt....that's one way to look at it)...anyway, i am proud to announce that i didn't eat dinner yesterday!why is this piece of crap of information matters, u say?well, i have to loose weight to be healthy and pretty and fit a size 8 (a bit unrealistic but let me have my dream here), and yes, one missed dinner wouldn't make me wake up the next morning 20 kg shed off but alas, i felt good...that's the most important point is it not?(actually the real reason i didn't eat dinner was because i was too tired to cook rice!)...


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