Friday, July 17, 2009

news of the day!

evie came back from sydney today!yay! means i'll no longer be alone in this cold drafty apartment (it's cold coz i haven't bought a heater yet ^^)...megu (that's meghna) and her twin malu came to stay in her room today too...thus, everyone's home and we're all snug and happy!so that's news...hehehe...ah n the apartment above me is currently having a blast...the sound of their music is preventing me from sleep (that's how loud their music is!)...punk-*ss!!!

anyway, another news i'd like to impart to my dear readers is that i made some awesome korean dishes today!2 of my favourite korean dishes are the soft tofu stew (soondubu jjigae) and potato side dish (gamja jorim)...they tasted great!!!so yummy!!!i've been following maangchi's korean dishes recipes so far and they worked really well...i also baked apple and boysenberry was also delish!omg!i forgot!i promised to make pizza for amin and his housemates!thank god i already bought the ingredients today, so yeah, will bring the pizza to him tomorrow ^^

anyway, that's my new's of the day!i want to make her abalone porridge next time (sans the abalone ^^)...


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