Friday, July 10, 2009

priorities, priorities

talking about what i prefer to buy if i have 15 bucks will open up a thousand avenues that have nothing to do with practical matters...i don't have extra 15 bucks now but i do have to spend that much of an amount on something that is charger is officially dead as of my mobile phone's battery is struggling for air, it's power is almost exhausted...thus, i need a new charger to recharge it's flagging energy...sadly, i put the need to buy a new charger under my list of 'things i really don't want to waste money on but i do have to do it before i go wonkers'....yes, it's called priority....

in this beautiful season called sale season, i had to battle my natural inclination to put that at the bottom of my priorities list...i'd rather spend that precious 15 bucks on shopping...with that amount i can buy 3 beautiful new tops or one pair of new jeans or one black belt at portmans....that's my wish...but alas, not everything is acceding to my wishes and dreams....i need that charger...not because i can't live without my mobile, it's for emergency's sake...i realise mobile phone is indeed important for certain matters, like texting friends when bored (yes, that's called bothering people, but what the heck, i'm bored, i need distractions!), setting morning alarm since my internal body alarm is currently not working (and probably never will hence) and yes, calling my dear crazy family weekly!

so, in the dawn of comprehension, i do have to spend money on the darned charger, even if i wish i can buy those things i listed before (this is called opportunity cost, the cost of the next best alternative that i've given up, i learned in econ)...bye bye 15 bucks, so long!i'll miss u!


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