Friday, March 27, 2009

danger alert ahead!oats on rampage!

this is a short post about the disgusting thing i ate today...yes, it's food again (i have no idea why i don't have inspiration and energy to write about other things)...i craved for sweet things after dinner (jjajangmyun...again...this is a better version than the last one)...since i rarely buy cookies and stuff, i decided to make a bowl of sweet oats (since the ingredients are sitting nice and quiet in the pantry drawer)...i didn't put enough milk so the the result is sticky, brownish yucky combination of oats, milk, water and maple syrup...what can go wrong with that combination?ah brilliant bowl of oat turned out to be lightish, sickly brown with sticky consistency of stale rice being kept too long in a looked and tasted disgusting...apparently oats too need proper portion of ingredients to be i learned my lesson....


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