Saturday, March 14, 2009

tuna attack!

tuna sandwich is taking over my mind and body!!!!ah whenever i think of the word 'tuna' and 'sandwich' together, i can feel bile rising and threatening to be vomited out...slight exaggeration here as i still put tuna sandwich as my all-time-favourite...but too much tuna sandwich (make it minimum one sandwich per day for minimum 2 weeks) can even make a stalwart tummy to tummy is one of the strongest out there...hey i can eat a 2-weeks past expiry date bread and still be fine as a fiddle....i can still gorge on bad seafood and still be standing happily doing whatever i'm doing...but now, eating another tuna sandwich makes me feel like i need to go and sit in front of britomart, holding a big banner of 'need food!please feed me or i die...but NO TUNA SANDWICH please (or anything remotely resembles tuna sandwich and its associates)!!!'....

alas, we are living in an imperfect world...i'm not that desperate (yet) to go abegging for food...don't pity me (just feed me)...i need to be more creative in finding cheaper food alternatives than tuna's too dry for my troat and i need something wetter (why does that sounds kinky?)....i need to start cooking (my brand of personal therapy...i can chop viciously to vent my spleen and no one dies except for the poor whatever i'm chopping or my wrist)...i can imagine me cooking jjajangmyun (yup, korean drama's influence)...or nasi lemak (ah the wonder of nasi lemak can make to my desposition)...or my special speghetti aglio olio (my absolute favourite!it's really easy to make and tres tres delicious!)....

to end this lament on tuna sandwich and cooking (yup yup harley does know when to shut it...or at least starting to learn how to), i'm going to set all of ur hearts aflutter with an announcement (background sound effect - jeng je jeng!!!):

my next post will be on how to make my super-duper great speghetti aglio olio!!!!i'll even try to be generous and giving by posting a picture of the process (most probably the finished product as it can get need to purposely turn off the possible-hubbies out there) all of fair maidens out there, stay tune to get the goods!learn to cook to conquer the hearts of all gentlemen (or at least their bellies)!!!

btw, the picture of that scrumptious sandwich is supplied through a thorough (okay like 10 seconds of hitting some buttons and pressing enter) research is supposed to be a tuna sandwich but it may be some other sandwich (ham, chicken or other chi chi sandwiches)...i take full license of copying and uploading the pic (stealing is bad but this is not a research literature...i'm not going to submit this on so yeah, enjoy the view while it last, and pls don't sue me!)...


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