Monday, March 23, 2009

switch the *iatch on!aye aye captain!

i kept wanting to write about this issue (not an issue, really, just some random thoughts) that kept replaying in my mind...this thought is so incessant and the funniest part is that it kept popping in my head during my showers...yup...when everyone thinks of body parts that need thorough scrubbing and cleaning up, i think of other non-body-parts things...i always have this internal monologue (the benefit of learning literature in college, i can spout stuff, not that i appreciate it then) and monologue is vicious and it's kind of similar to my writings's the truth, in-your-face style, and it differs miles wide from my normal conversational tone and topics...

this was initially pointed out to me by a friend when i commented on reading someone else's blog (and how difficult for me to understand her tone and path of thinking, me the slowpoke)...she said 'ah, but then ur blog doesn't really reflects the way u talk everyday, doesn't it?it's more like sentences that u thought of carefully and structured so that u make as less possible mistakes...u don't usually say things the way u said it on ur blog'...

thanks...that's quite clear and i know she meant well... it's a constructive criticism (or maybe just a comment, not to correct anything but just to clear the air)...i mean, i have this deathly phobia against the thought of others thinking that i'm illiterate (barely understood grammar and sentence structures, not that i'm a grammatist, err....does that word even exist?)...i'll make sure i try (emphasis on the word 'try' here) to re-read my post and edited undesirable parts (such as weird grammar and weirder sentences)...but in the end, i'm pretty sure i'm true to myself as this is actually the way i think...

i may not say things the way i say it here but i'm 338%ly sure (number chosen randomly, don't panic!) that i think this way...u know when u have things running in ur head and u r more truthful and frank...i'm not a naturally frank person...i hate the thought of hurting others' feeling (though i'm pretty sure i hurt people a lot, intentional or not)....anyway, deviation of topic aside, i like this like this (the way i'm writing now)...a bit cynism (truly?) and a dash of sarcasm (get it?) never hurt anyone right?

anyway, i love writing on what i currently thinking may not be crucial enough to change the world economy or politics but it's what i think...i'm not defensive or apologetic of this...i love writing about random things that run through my head (usually this starts off with things i think about in yes, the shower)'s my form of's like when i think, i switch off my 'outside yes-girl, doormat, play-nice persona' and switch on my 'yo-go-crazy-u-*iatch!' mode...kudos to inner switches!love them!i got tons working through my brain synapses!


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