Friday, March 6, 2009

world without broadband

means world without internet...this past week i have learned a basic lesson for an internet addict: i would go stir crazy without it...internet is my left arm, my ebook reader and my lover rolled into one...

here were some things i did to fill up my time without broadband:

  1. trying my very best to push overzealous students at kate edgar for a computer (being overzelous myself is justified, i was desperate, they were not)
  2. waited for 30 minutes to log on to my yahoo email...and usually still unable to log on...
  3. desperately doing stuff like moving in the rest of my stuff from storage and columbia to railway (yes i'm here already, loving all the space but hungry for food)
  4. going from grafton to railway in a day (back and forth, walking)
  5. braving the weird auckland weather to go to kate edgar
  6. did i already mentioned that i was attached to the hip of kate edgar?
  7. studiously reading my lecture notes and some research papers related (not a fond fan of continuous study; look what boredom has lead me to)
  8. calling home and bitch about mutual family members with jaja...for an hour and half!(rare for a species like me to call for that long)
  9. start texting other people around about stupidest things (hey i got TXT2000!now i'm fully utilising a service that i paid good money for!)
  10. thinking about food all the time (still is)
  11. sleep early (miracle)
  12. waking up barely on time (another miracle to be thankful for)
  13. stalking my uniguides (i'm turning into a professional stalker)

ah the list can go on and on...on the other note that has nothing to do with internet and broadband, i noticed i always have some sort of remarks at the end of my sentences...why?just thoughts that don't fit anywhere...hey it's my's my license to talk and talk and talk...anyway back to the modern world of virtual that i'm plugged on to a fast connection, as usual, i start downloading...dramas n this important?no...but well, i'm in a mellow mood so i want to share...hahahaha...


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