Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring cleaning!

it's time again to turn everything upside down and clean clean clean!not to mention arrange...i was moving to a new apartment in the same building (the one i was initially promised!) usual (usually for me, unusual for all of my gentle readers), i have the burning need to make sure all of my stuff are hidden and arranged really properly...yes, i was a major obsessive compulsive's not as bad as before though...what can i say?i need everything to be where it's supposed to be (at least on my head)....

i got like this major assignment that i need to hand in yesterday but what did i do?pour every one of my stuff out of it's box into the middle of the floor and start doing the 'routine'...i have this routine of choosing, chucking and's a process of taking one thing out of the ginormous pile (it's gigantic + enormous), deciding whether to throw it away or for keep and putting it in it's proper place and order...i hate clutter everywhere!so yup, i also start cleaning and organising my living hall and pantry...what do u feel of washing tons of kitchenware aka plates, tea plates, bowls, teacups, teacup saucers, mugs, and assorted cutlery?yup that equals to exhaustion!

but did i stop there?noooooo...i have this urgent need to clear up my living hall so i clear up stuff from boxes and arrange all of my flatmates' food into various now, we have a nice, clear, usable pantry...did u see the word usable?ah, now all of us can use the pantry!before that it looked like a dustbin!u know stuff thrown everywhere and u can find nothing from the pile?now i can feel all of my muscles and tendons back hurts like no tomorrow!i wish i can sleep the day away!

alas, needs force me to move my butt and do's not even spring!it's summer/winter and cleaning up is my middle name...i feel frustrated when things are not where they are...i even feel more frustrated when i couldn't find my converters (i have tons!but i can only find 1!!!!) and prayer mat and other stuff that i'm sure they're there in the box but lost somewhere withing this jungle that was my floor...

now need to sign off to cry...wishing my stuff will turn up magically...wuahhhhh....


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