Monday, February 2, 2009

wonder girls and addiction

it's entirely my younger sisters' (jaja and alin) fault that i got addicted to this's called nobody by wonder's catchy and entertaining but by all means not a mariah carey's calibre...but then again i got so hooked up by the song, i even dance while singing it!i watched the video n surprisingly it's such a funny video with JYP continuously getting stuck in the toilet!hehehe....

anyway, i missed my daily dose of chilli so much!today i even added 10 tablespoons worth of blended chilli in my butter chicken (sans chicken and didn't taste like butter chicken at all!hahahaha, that's what u get from a bottle!)...n fuh i cried while eating my's that hot!i even drank with a gallon of plain water (estimation)....

still listening to wonder girls - nobody...missing dancing so much!i used to dance and sing all the time but those days seems locked in the past (phew such melodrama)...the only dancing that i do these days are lonely dancing....i feel so crazy after i dance the night away...i feel like i'm somehow losing my mind!

singing and dancing reminds me of my other passion...reading...i stayed up until 3 am yesterday to read a i'm regretting it coz i felt dizzy n restless...lack of sleep did that to u...ah today i met a very nice person...her name is petra and she is very open minded and matured...i feel happy that i make a friend somehow i sound like a pathetic friendless person!hahahaha....anyway, i'm enjoying my day even though i feel like i'm outside of my body, observing how my day passes by (lack of sleep, u devil!)!

sorry for the skippy mind is not on the right track...excuse the weirdness of this particular post...


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