Thursday, February 5, 2009


today is such a mixed-feelings kind of day for me...first i feel like i must state this: somebody got too drunk on the pink champagne or ate too much korean kimchi and vomitted (yes, the disgusting weird, smelly, disgusting looking half digested mixture of food or what's left of it that our tummy reject and we eventually evicts through our mouth) through his window....and what's that got to do with me, you say?well first of all, i was the recepient of the just-said vomit (or more accurately my window that i relies on my very soul to send me all the fresh air into my tiny cramped cell-like room)'s appalling smelling and all the gooey slimy things got stuck on my all i can see is gross-looking rejected things as my scenery...secondly, the smell was god-awful, save me god!i had to spray half bottle of what's-left-of-last-year's lemon airwick (air freshner, and let me say this, my air ain't getting any fresher by seconds!n thank god for last year's last minute guilt that saved me from throwing it away in fit of moving out flurry)...a bit frozen at first as i didn't recognise the smell but i can hear the sound of fluid falling from the 'sky'....hey it's 12.30 am in the morning...n tomorrow is indeed a holiday....getting to much fun, mate?

anyway moving on from a topic so depressing and disgusting, i found a bit of musical heaven again today...

my current flatmate, malene (pronounced malena), who's on her round-the-world trip from Denmark introduced this delightful song to me...well not exactly 'introduced' since i've heard of this song before...janus (pronounced yanus) played this song on his iPod (attached to evie's iPod speaker, so yes the song traveled by 'air osmosis' through my room door) repeatedly last year...he did promised to share the song with me but sadly he got distracted and as for me, i also got distracted by my messy life...anyway, this song is called 'et sidste kys' by 'nik og jay' featuring 'julie berthelsen'...apparently nik og jay are very idolised especially by youngsters in Denmark...most of their songs are about 'parties, drinking, any interesting parts of women's body and enjoying life' to quote malene...but every once in a while they did make an effort to convey deeper emotions through their songs like this particular one...julie berthelsen is a runner up of the tv show 'popstars'...her voice is indeed beautiful and haunting in this song....

et sidste kys literally means one last i heard and watched the video, malene translated some of the lyrics for me and i fell deeper in love...she said it is about one final kiss from a beloved woman to a man who realised that he loved her too late....she's leaving and he's reminiscing on the their love and times together....she is coming home to kiss and hold him for a final the end he realised that he would heal and be alright....such tragic...

this is what i got from one of the videos...a person ran the danish lyrics through an online translation program and this is what he got:

The things she said to me go round and round
I know that one can get used to everything, but it hurts
Time heals all wounds, they say
But when is it?
When will it be?
Phrases from yesterday in my head
I wake up alone, there is blood on my pillow
My soul is empty
I had never seen this coming
And although the ratio went up and down and back and forth as we sang again
I have always claimed to be a gentleman
But perhaps I was not one to you
So it hurts me, I know I forgot to hold the door open for you in the end
Forgot to give you a kiss in the morning before I went
Forgot to keep alive the spark that we two started
I was probably a little too much into money and parties
But never had I thought that you were so frustrated with me that you would drift away from me
I heard well what you said to me yesterday
It's just like everything inside of me still does not understand

I come home at night
To hold you tight
And to tell you that
This will be the last kiss
I come home at night
But although I won't be here when you wake up, baby
I know everything will be okay

You came out of nothing, but I think I was ready
For you stirred something up in me, which I thought I had lost,
So I let it float, took one day at a time
With an image in my head of you and me together
For you had everything that, all the others could not give me
And I had a feeling that you really liked me
So I told you what I felt and that this summer could be ours
Even if all odds were against us
From dreams to reality by giving up to go on
I thought we made the most of it
But just as quickly as it came, it was gone again
And we each went our way out of
Beautiful things go, beautiful things come
And I fell for you that summer
But I know there was a meaning, it should not have been the two of us
And you should know I understand what you said to me now

I come home at night
To hold you tight
And to tell you that
This will be the last kiss
I come home at night
But although I won't be here when you wake up, baby
I know everything will be okay

Okay --
I know that it will be okay
In time it everything will be okay
I am strong enough to start anew

now i keep playing this song over and over again (old habit die hard)...i even stay up late just to keep listening to this song (such devotion, why can't i have the same devotion to my textbooks?)...

sometimes i feel so weird that i can feel so deeply for a song or a book...when i look back, i think i have a relatively normal childhood and teenage hood....i felt like i wasn't an angsty teen but then again who am i to say (since that is how i see myself, not others)...i cried over lyrics and words in songs...i cried when lilo's sister was explaining that their family is what they hold in their heart (lilo and stitch, how pathetic can i be?)....i mostly cried alone so that others wouldn't see me crying my eyes out...i remember i read p/s:i love you the book a few years ago and stop reading after 2 pages since i couldn't stop my tearducts from being productive...i cried reading chicken soup the series (the books, not the liquid food or the drama series)....i think i'm so out of touch with my own reality (it's rare for me to show public affection like giving hugs and kisses....i also feel awkward in emotional situations) that i convey my emotions through these mediums....

anyway, on a light note, i had fun at kak ana's house on forte's building today (though kak ana's not there since she's still in malaysia at that moment)...went there to pick up some stuff that i left at kak ana's during the summer holiday...the girls (fadzilah, fadilah, samirah, ana, nolly) were so giving and usual, my mouth ran before my head can catch up...i remember talking about belacan (shrimp paste), how i can't live without chilli, the UV level in auckland, lotion and sunscreen, maths and my struggle with it, my sister jaja who is doing her master now, shopping,stephanie meyer's twilight series (the books again) and on and on...they served me a nice dinner of chicken rice which i enjoyed to the max and they proceeded to make mocha ice-blended (their version of it) 4 times that i felt so truly full by the end of the dinner...i even got a small package of shrimp paste as door gift!hehehe...

okay, here's the end of this endless post...looking foward for the long weekend (happy waitangi people!) and not-so-looking foward to do my assignments!ah and enjoy your kiwi experience malene!hope you have fun and go crazy!sky dive again since u really love it!


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