Tuesday, February 24, 2009

contrary creature

yes that's what we are (or at least i'm pretty sure i am)...i say one thing in one moment and do the opposite in seconds....a fine example of this is related to my previous post...remember i had this one post which served no purpose what-so-ever other than expressing my extreme boredom (with some fine examples of how to spend your quality time since you suddenly have tons of it)....now i'm feeling vice versa...i got too much to do in so little time...

since i'm in a fine mood to list them down to you, here you go (for entertainment purpose, skip at your own risk!):

  • had to settle some enrolment problem (now that i am not a 'floating' student, i can be a 'non-alien' since i can apply for my visa; such a hassle to apply my visa year after year!)
  • volunteered as a uniguide so 2 days and a half were spent on goodwill (had fun being the 'bully' senior to the newbies...nah, i'm way too nice!ah let's not forget the freebies!lots of extra brunch bars, chocolates, muffins, drink packs and pizzas!see how enduring the malaysian way of 'tapau' here?doggy bags still prevail)
  • still need to write down reports for uniguide (definitely last on the list, not so keen on writing reports, has a higher affinity to writing crap)
  • still need to email my little ducklings (i'm the mother hen...wait, isn't is supposed to be mother duck, goose?) about future meetings etc
  • need to enroll for another paper
  • need to set up a meeting with new apartment agent about contract

i think i still have millions to do!how am i supposed to do all that in a few days?me, the miracle girl!

ah interestingly (noticed i used this word a lot like a dirty dish rag) my experience as a uniguide is very stimulating, to say at the very least...it started off with me coming in late (slunking into the lecture theatre when everything had started an hour earlier, sadly for me my entrance was quite noticable)...then, we had a big breakfast with scones and some other nice sweet stuff (which some i did managed to take home, again blame it on the inbred 'tapau' attitude)...

moving on, it started to rain before we could entice our little lambs to join our little pastures (good analogy for newbies and faculties?)...i deserted my original faculty and joined jae, sol and alex in their little group (how's that for faculty loyalty?)...i screamed the loudest for people to join our nice little group, well that's what malisha and sophie said anyway...being energetic, i happily showed my uniguide members around...i tripped on my words....A LOT!i think some of them looked dazed...too much information to assimilate in too little time...well, i'm what they get, so take me or leave me....

now i feel too exhausted to care whether this post makes sense or not...probably not...need rest....will see you guys later...chaio!


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