Saturday, February 7, 2009

airless room!aidez-moi!

this is a follow-up from my previous post (sounds ominous)'s been to days n i'm going stark raving mad!i'm running out of fresh air (yes recycled air stinks n i can smell the food i cook on myself, it's not even funny!)...the thing is, if i can open my door n get air, then i wouldn't be this apartment is so darn small it gives of the feeling of an army barrack (u know where the beds are stacked against each other to save space)...i don't exactly hate my room or apartment, it's just that when a certain episode involving vomit and no air is driving me up to my wall!if this happens in winter, then i can always say the unopened window is insulating me from cold....but get this, now is SUMMER!notice the screaming red?it's freaking hot that i sweat like a pig!

yesterday i went out on an errand for a close friend...on the way back, on reflection of my airless room, i panicked and become claustrophobic out of sudden...i stopped in the junction of wakefield and symonds streets (u know the small park where u can find the semi-nude lady and a small park bench) and sat on the aforementioned bench...i was protected by the trees (which i'm thankful for, i'm no fan of the sun at the moment, or any other moments) and there was a nice breeze cooling the air...i sat and stared at nothing stupidly for a few minutes and felt at ease (after my recent fight with airlessness)...a guy friend stopped by when he saw me and asked whether i was waiting for a friend...i debated whether to save face and lie or tell him the truth...i did the latter coz it's so useless to lie....

then, today i recieved a msg from another friend telling me that he saw me 'contemplating my future with such seriousness etc etc'....well....truly i need fresh air...i was about to go crazy here...these few days are so warm i wonder where all the rain auckland is famed for has gone to?is this God divine punishment for all my sins (and future ones i'm sure i will definitely commit)....hehehe...need fresh cooling air...hellppppppppp........


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