Monday, February 2, 2009

fav music

i have listened to many songs from pop to club and frankly i believe that my taste in music is developing...i still love to listen to pop (sure, i admit pop song are lovable n very light n entertaining) but i'm loving new genres that u wouldn't have caught me dead listening before....i think i'm expanding my horizon and loving the experience so far....

i would love to say that i tend to listen to r&b nowadays but i'm not sure that's entirely true...anyway i love korean songs and favourite japanese singer is utada hikaru (faithfully listening to her all these years) and m-flo (an eclectic band with a lovely twist of jazz) is my band of choice...of course to those who knows me i'm a massive fan of mariah carey...some of favourite korean bands are loveholic and clazziquai...

okay!enough of my rants!i would love to share one of my favourite track by loveholic called 'sad movie'...enjoy!


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