Thursday, February 12, 2009

sistas gone wild

yup my sisters are crazy...i noticed a lot of their bedlamite behaviours but alas...they are my sisters...i found it funny how my sisters 'keep mama on her toes'...i keep on having this image of my sisters giving all sorts of stupid commands like:
  • 'mama, the phone's ringing!it's kak nana!pick it up!hurry!she doesn't have much balance left in her calling card!'
which is absurd...if i'm calling n the phone is ringing, i will not be charged unless someone picks up the phone....n i always make sure i have enough balance to call home....i know mama knows but it's so funny how my sisters can goad my mom into doing funny things like rushing to get the phone (believe me it's absurd to rush on the first ring since my sister knew i was making the call as i was talking to her online at that time)....

anyway, there are more craziness that i can chalk up on my sisters...i can do a list of them (probably make a 1,000 pages book with it!)....


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