Friday, May 8, 2009

you made my day, cutie-pie

moving on, i saw a cute guy happened after a dinner with kak tun at the chicken rice food court near westfield (eating out day 5)...i sent kak tun to the bus stop and the guy was behind her in line...he's cute in a feminine way (quoting kak tun)...kak tun said, he smiled a lot and was very social...the downside is, he's kinda short for a caucasion (this is not meant to be a racist comment!just a general observation!)...

anyway, i thought about incidental meetings that kak tun was telling me about usual (i'm sooo predictable that i feel like my face has writings on it!), i was talking about how hard it is to find a bf (not that i'm trying), and kak tun replied with:

'every couple has a unique way of meeting each other, be it meeting in the plane, at a cafe or at a bus stop while waiting for the bus (okay this part is dedicated for cute-guy, that's the name i dubbed him)....u just have to try and actively participate in male society (emphasizing on that male part as i'm well known to hang-out with girls...all the time!am i turning into a lesbo!)'

..all i can say is, lucky lucky kak tun!she has all the luck with cute guys!i'm too shy when it comes to guys...ah it's worth mentioning that my brain always go haywire when it comes to guys...not that i can't think straight when i talk to them, it's just that i can suddenly turn all stupid (bimbette-like such as 'oh yeah?wow?is that so?...even though i know about the things these guys said by DNA) and my voice turn all cute and higher pitched (remember all those korean girls squealing 'oooppaaaaa!!!'...yup i'm pretty close to that)...not that a lot of people's embarrasing nonetheless!what's up with girls turning all girly-cutie-here-i'm-so-can't-pick-up-the-fork-on-my-own-without-u in front of guys?'s so mysterious!


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