Friday, May 15, 2009


this song perfectly described my feelings towards my home (well, with exception of Cambridge Way, mine is my beloved family ^^...and that 64 thing, i'm not sure what that is hehehe...):

Josh Verdes - Home

I've done my time in this crazy world
What trails have I left behind?
But no matter what I've done, I know
I can always come home
So take me home
From the beach to the bay
Take me home
To good ol' Cambridge Way
Take me home
Cuz there's nowhere else I'd rather be
Than to come back to the place that made
I'm coming home
And when I see this world
And all it has to offer
I know I'll stand amazed
But no matter what I see
I know there's just no place like home
No matter what road I take
It never feels quite the same
And yet it's all the same
So here I am another night
I can't ignore you, 64 you bring me more than words can say
You bring me home

song and lyrics courtesy of josh verdes...u rock!


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