Sunday, May 3, 2009


talking and listening are my favourite activities...if u ask me to dinner, i'd say say just for the sake of having company to talk to...anyway, this reminded me of my yesterday's dinner date with kak tun...she is a very nice and crazy funny lady and she is also one of the most interesting person that i know...she has so many anecdotes that are very entertaining and she is also very wise...anyway, some of the things she commented about kept playing in my head...

on of them is she looked and me and declared that i am 'adventurous' in regards to my clothing...i mean, if u know me well, u know that i wear anything from outragous colours combination to stark coloured shoes and bags...i'm one hell of a colourful girl...yesterday, i thought (pardon me for thinking this is normal, my normal sense is skewed) i dressed normally in cream coloured sleeveless top with small ruffles across the chest and plain black jeans...the problem was, i also wore a light yellow long-sleeved undershirt, a moss green head scarve, a pair of yellow covered shoes and yes, to top it off is a light pink bag...she claimed that's 'adventurous'...well, err, i didn't even noticed that i was being uhmm too colourful...i know that the most combination of colours allowed to be worn (for the sake of preserving the eyes of the observers around, mind u) are 3...but i broke the unspoken rule all the time, it's kind of unproductive to suddenly change my ways...i like being called 'adventurous' (eventhough she may have been trying to be pc, but what the heck, i still love it!)...harley, the adventurous lady~that's me!


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