Friday, May 15, 2009

it comes to this

it's a wonder to me how i can survive 10 degrees celsius in a layer of clothing...inadequate as it is, i was frozen to my toes due to the rain and dropping temperature 2 nights ago...nonetheless, i survived...i sometimes wonder of my own sanity...i was so in a rush, did i ever think of wearing extra layer since i know my classes would ended up late (and mind u, 30 mins walking at night from grafton to my place is no joke, plus the incessant rain!)...

alas, i'm still i took precaution n wore an extra layer under my turned out that today was hot (at least hotter than the day before)...i sweated profusely like a gutted pig...anyway, i'm bored and that's why i ended up writing about rubbish...don't mind me...i'm a loony bored gal in need of serious electric shock to be brought back to reality of life...


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