Friday, May 8, 2009

blame it on the rain

it's raining ceaselessly these days...there are only 3 best-described types of weather here in auckland right now....and they are:
  • trickle
  • reasonably rainy
  • deluge
you'd be surprised that the sun can sometimes peak and say hello, say, for 30 minutes in a to commemorate this rainy pre-winter season, i'd like to blame all of my faults on the rain...yes, the fact that i can't sleep at night is due to the rain...the fact that i can't bear to part from my nice soft pillows and bed in the morning is the rain's fault....the fact that i'm too lazy to go to class is because of the rain...the fact that i'm wearing my scraps of nightwears even though the average temperature of auckland is around 10 degrees celcius is the rain's fault...the fact that i'm to lazy to do anything including basic human necessities such as showering (yucks i'm turning into a disgusting piece of filth), cooking (spending excessive amount of dollars on food when i have lots of ingredients for cooking) and hmmm toilet visit (NOT!just joking!)?

anyway, i have to grit my teeth and prevent my feet to move towards the highly desirable areas of shopping (nothing to do with rain...well, the weather can kind of prevent me from shopping but really?nothing can stop a girl from her shopping!)...that is beside the point...right now, rain is a very sensational topic with all of my last conversation with fazan went like this:

harley: do u notice that lately it rains a lot?
fazan: yeah!i hate the rain!
harley: i really don't want to go to school coz of that!i get all wet!
fazan: omg!i have to force myself!not that i don't have a choice in that matter!
harley: the rain falls every second!
fazan: yeah!i even decided not to go to foodtown on my way back from the hospital!
harley: i kinda really want to skip all of my classes and stay i bed!i want to die (okay, if u are awake and sane, this 'dying' part is just to shock u awake from ur attention!this is a very vital issue)

do u notice a pattern here?yes, a lot of exlamation marks (not that we use that a lot but u get the tone) and in reality we can go on and on with this the way, that's not the exact replica of the conversation...u get the point!i'm pretty sure if my mind cease to function in any near future social gathering, i'll bring up this topic of rain coz from one word (that is 'rain'), it can turn viral and takes over the whole conversation!now that's what i call street smart...


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