Friday, May 15, 2009

little piggies

we have a strange dance, wee and i...wee will mention he cook and eat something to me all the times n wait for my reaction...provided the food has lard, pork or bacon in it...anything pig-related is amuses me that he tries so hard to mention the delishness of pork/bacon...i know he wants to disconcert me since i don't eat piggies...let's face it, apart from religious reason, i don't even eat lamb, venison, animal entrails (that includes kidney, lungs, intestines, fat and anything non-related to the meat itself) and any other animals on earth excepting chicken and beef and seafood...i am, admittedly, a picky eater...even for chicken, i eat only chicken breast or rib (no drumstick, wing or thigh for me please)...i eat the other parts of chicken only when i'm desperate (like i haven't eaten chicken for months, which is very possible since i rarely cook chicken or beef)...

as for eggs, i don't eat the egg yolk...unless the egg is scrambled n fried (really really cooked, no wobbly yolk for me please)...being a picky eater means, i'd rather eat vegetarian dishes than least i know they don't put weird stuff in my food...sometimes i thought i'm the pickiest eater on earth...but the again, mama is worse...and i've seen others who are way way way worse than me (like strict vegan)...anyway back to wee and his little cooked piggies...he's welcomed to them...well wee, eat as much pork/bacon as u want!u are more than allowed to gobble on them ^^ teasing me will get u nowhere (i know i'm a curious puss, always asking what pork tastes like, thanks for being patient with me ^^)...


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