Sunday, May 10, 2009

then and now

it never fail to surprise me (or to be more truthful, excite me) that asian dramas have taken a new bolder turn these days...there is always at least one kissing scene in a korean romantic's expected and ratings will be assuredly high with an expectation of a's mostly not lusty (the korean standard has yet to reach the sexuality of western drama/movie yet, i'm glad to note), more like sweet and full with uncertainty and cuteness...15 years ago, i'd be rightly titillated and very, i see a kissing scene as a testament of a romance between the main characters...very strange, seems with age, comes maturing mindset (or is it repeated exposure causes acceptance?)...

anyway, another point to ponder is that 'taboo' issues, such as adultery and homosexuality have become more and more expressed in the entertainment industry...a lot of korean movies (dramas have yet to become that daring, as most of the viewers are of different age range, i presumed) these days reflect on these...i watch movies such as april snow, lovers and the frozen flower addressing issues of infidelity and gay relationship...very weird issues those days (when i was young and naive)...i used to giggle when i hear these words - lover, cheat, gay - and so on as i haven't had the real grasp of the nature of these words....

to be truthful, times are changing...not that i'm more accepting, it's more like, i'm more understanding...i have quite a strong religious belief regarding these, but the movies are educating and entertaining nonetheless...asian dramas or no, i'm hoping that a malay movie or drama will never ever ape the western styles...i guess originality is very important and i have fond memories of some of the sappy malay movies and dramas i used to watch those days (i sounded like i'm 50 already!)...not that i'm watching malay movies and dramas these days (they are crap, i'm being honest)...let's keep them nice, simple and crappy shall we?i'm being nostalgic here ^^


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