Saturday, May 16, 2009

my little piece of heaven...

today, i got into a decorating frenzy (thanks to dora and wee for the shopping trip to bunnings warehouse in mount roskill)...i've been slowly decorating my room with bits and pieces that i have from my eclectic collection of random stuff....some things are given as gifts from various friends, some are leftovers of past years and some things are newly are the pix of my lovely room (if i do say so myself!):

............okay i'm officially *issed off now (err frustrated...) internet is taking its own sweet time to upload my pix!!!!............

this is my room door!it's 1-268, a magic number hahaha....

will add more soon...too tired now...went out for dinner at amin's n iman's...iman made roast chicken n potatoes!!!yummy!!!n we all (iman, amin, denny, shen, shafiq n fazan...oops n i) watched stupid movies (terminator series and coming soon, which i hate!)...k that's all for now...will add more pix tomorrow!

okay now, continuation of yesterday...

this is my wardrobe and laundry wardrobe is kinda small relative to the amount of clothes n other paraphernalia i have (i collect things and never discard anything!i hate waste!)

this is the view near my window...this is an area i called my treasure area...see that cupboard there?it's where i put all of my heavy tomes (aka books), my printer, my cute little boxes (my electronic stuff and my jewelries), stationary, lab coats and other random stuff...the 2 boxes next to it are my butterfly boxes (they are in maroon and black) which contain my other random stuff....

my ultimate fav!my bed!it's small aye but pretty and enough for me to roll around!this bed is sooo comfy i kinda hate to leave it every morning for class!hahaha...anyway, next to it is my bedside table...the little pink box is from indah...i put all of my perfumes in it ^^

this is my study area side by side with my treasure area!

my study lots of notes and reminders...and i also put up some random stuff like bday card from yaya (from years ago!) and pic of me doing bungee jumping in queenstown ^^

my little snowflakes plant (don't know its name, since it has the look of snowflakes so that's what i call it!)...this plant looks like its covered with white snow!it's a gift from wee ^^

my study u see the glow-in-the-dark snowflakes on the wall next to my study table?it's soooo pretty!another one of my fav!

my fav wall!will put pix around the glow-in-the-dark snow flakes ^^

my pretty 3 coloured flowers...bought them at bunnings is blood red, one is pure white and another is a breed of purple and yellow...the pot is very pretty n it costed more to buy the pot than the flowers all together!hahaha...

the view from my pretty flowers are right at the edge of my window sill...alas, they are having a reconstruction on the next building so that's why there are some scaffoldings as u can see T_T

okay, that's all about my room!i'm loving it right now!^^


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