Saturday, September 19, 2009

eid this 2009

eid is close and i'm pretty sure a lot of us are preparing for its auspicious celebration...that means cleaning up, cooking, baking, shopping (not that i've done THAT yet) and yes, some of us are even partying like no tomorrow (okay i've ran out of things to list so i just added that up for good measure!)...i've done some basic cleaning up, not that i expect anyone to drop and visit me for eid but hey, a girl likes to be prepared...i'm not cooking anything this year (or previous years for that matter) but i'm glad i, at least contributed something to eid celebration this time...

yesterday, dora and i baked (hmm was it 'bake'?maybe 'prepare'?) a boxful of honey cornflakes...i must admit i don't know its name but i assumed it's called's a relatively easy eid traditonal 'kuih' or a type of malay specialties that are akin to tea-cakes and cookies and pastries (though kuih has a definite different flavour and texture)...okay, maybe honey cornflakes are not exactly traditional kuih but u get what i mean...okay, i mean we usually have that as one of the array of kuih served on eid...

anyway, as we prepare the honey cornflakes, i ate as much as i made was so yummy i get high on sugar rush...we put these cute milk chocolate buttons on top of each small cup of honey cornflakes and they melt like heaven...can't wait for me, uhmm, other people to visit us and eat the cornflakes (thanks for the cornflakes dora!hehehe)...anyway, another story to tell is that while preparing, we got so sleepy dora asked me to play songs from my mobile...of course, being me, my playlist is at least 2 years was like reminiscing back to my second here in auckland, by listening to the songs...i've got 5ive - until the time is through, carpenters songs and a handful of teary-break-up-i'm dying and r&b songs...typical me...

lastly, to my family and all of my friends and muslim and muslimah out there:

eid mubarak!!!!please forgive me for all of my past and future (because i'm just too human) wrong-doings and mistakes and have a great eid with full of happiness!^^


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