Friday, October 2, 2009

moi, je parle le francais???un peu, tres tres tres un peu!

one new thing i've heard of today is, interestingly, my accent...this is a recurring topic i know, but this is a real new dimension of far, i've been told i have malaysian accent (duh, i'm malaysian who's brought up in a typical malaysian city environment), malaysian accent without the typical accent (whatever that means) and non-malaysian accent (undetected accent, which is the most comment i get from a lot of people, latest from jessie, not evie's jessie but jessie the korean i've just met at nicole's bday dinner this week...btw another whole new interesting stories of nicole's bday coming up!)...yes, most people also commented on the fact that i don't add 'lah' 'mah' and all sorts of typical non-comprehensive additional words that are strongly associated to malaysians in general...the fact is, i just don't...

anyway, back to the original story (pay attention here!), i met this korean older lady by the new world shuttle waiting place today...she was very friendly and we got on talking...she kinda knew i'm from malaysia but just had to ask just to confirm...but...she said i have this mixture of spanish and french accent...which is weird...totally weird...i have a few spanish-born lecturers who have spanish-accented english and met a few english-speaking frenchmen before....of course, they do have their own special accents flavouring their english...but me?who is totally not french-or-spanish-born, much less even take a step on either of their soils?who would've known i can add spanish-french melange of accent to my cv now...who would've guessed?

by the way, that title, it's what's left of my scanty knowledge of francais, after 4 years of toiling, trying to get a whole new language into my brain in high may be wrong, but what the heck, at least i'm trying, oui?hehehe....


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