Friday, October 2, 2009

nicole's sweet bday!!!

it was a lovely bday and i'm glad that i at least know half of the bday guests...the usual bunch was there: bday girl herself, looking as bright as a possum (sorry nicole, just can't help it!u r just too cute and that word has just been coined to my head, courtesy of janus, of course), evie and jessie (richard's jessie)...alana was also an attendee and i also get acquainted with jessie (korean jessie) and sam...ah and a few other people i didn't get the chance to talk richard (of course, how could i miss him since he will hold a special line in this festive post)...

moving on, firstly, happy happy happy bday nicole!!!may u continue the journey of ur life with full of great expectations and happiness!i'm happy to see that u get great presents...a cute vintage-looking gray-ivory-silver (okay it's hard to describe the colour here, u must see it to know what i meant) short skirt with 2 small pockets on the side from jessie, evie and i...they style is very simple...very nicole...some feminine stuff (cutesy pink candles and bath oils, i don't remember the scent exactly but they were great!) from someone (i don't remember), an apple body scrub from alana (very nice-smelling by the way!), typical nicole's stud's (a pair of simple cutesy bows, wait, too much cutesy here) and finally, the piece-of-resistance, nicole's bday gift from her mom!to quote nicole 'my mom said my present is waiting in my bank account'...sounds great???u betcha!!!

secondly, we get to eat at our favourite korean restaurant next to nandos on queen street...i've been eating there like lots of time with evie but sadly until now, its name remains elusive to my usual, i ordered my favourite spicy bbq squid...i know i should've ordered my other favourite, the soft tofu bean stew, but what-the-heck, i was late and i was trying to be graceful by choosing whatever that came to my mind first...the squid was a bit watery, sadly, but it was a decent dinner nonetheless...

thirdly, there was an awkward moment that i managed to maneuver beautifully in korean jessie's intro of was like, 'ah this is sam, he's my ex'...and she said that cheerfully...and i replied 'hi sam, nice to meet u'...ah let's not forget the mental feet-shuffling moment right after she said that and the requisite word 'ah' just escaped before i covered with my nice-to-meet-u routine...apparently jessie and sam hang out all the time, still...okay...yes...i don't know what more to add after that...still, nice to meet u sam!may u guys be happy as a pair of clams (err...seriously, when i ran out of things to say, i should just shut up!)

lastly, one of the most important moment of my life that i never forget...richard's car was...unspeakable...i was literally shocked speechless...evie and i were sent home by jessie and richard (ah bday girl was also in the same car) get to our place, richard had to go through hobson street-sky city junction (i don't remember the name of the road) top of that junction, being the rain just recently ceased and the road was slick and it was kinda late with an active traffic, richard pulled his crazy stunt...he swerved his car 180 degrees to get into the opposite, he just couldn't calmly pull into another street up front and use that pathway to get us home, he had to do a stunt-car motion with 4 other people at risk of traffic death...and the best of all was, he didn't even warned us...he just, swerved...evie was screaming...i could feel my heart beating and i didn't even remember what nicole did (i think she got squashed by evie and i)...and what did great richard say?'i knew evie's gonna do that!' gleefully, i might add!he meant the scream of course....thanks so much richard!that was really uhmm an experience i could care not to repeat in my whole life...


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