Sunday, September 6, 2009

give me more!!!!

i love belgian truffles! many of my posts started with 'i' for the first sentence, anyway?...uh...okay back to belgian truffles...i ate 200g worth of one of the greatest chocolates i've eaten in my whole chocolate-laden life within 2 days!!!the truffles are not the super exclusive nor super expensive like godiva, but i swear to god it's heavenly...dora, yaya, wee and i went to sylvia park's westfield and bought these heavenly truffles at k-mart...they are not terribly expensive but my-oh-my they took my breath away...

being cautious, i bought only 2 boxes of truffles...boy, wasn't i'm wallowing in regrets least yaya and dora bought more than 2 boxes of these gift from heaven...*sigh*...i'm fighting the urge to open the other box that's left...i'm telling u, k-mart surprises all of us with the quality of it's belgian truffles...right now, i'm plotting of my plans to go to k-mart again and grab more boxes of these lovelies!so the whole point of this useless raving is that I WANT MORE BELGIAN TRUFFLES!!!!


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