Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i want this!

i fell in love with samsung omnia II about a few months ago (for those who have no idea what the heck i'm babbling about, it's a mobile phone)'s sleek, it's beautiful and most importantly it's a touch screen phone...yes, i live like 3 years behind in terms of high-tech gadgets and so far i've only one mobile phone and have never changed it yet for a better current phone was bought about 4 years ago (yes i got a phone late in life, the story of my life) and it looked so battered like it has been to war and has proud scratches and scars to prove....and not to mention a highly visible star-shaped crack that monopolises the right side of the screen...

anyway, samsung omnia II is my dream...i can't afford it unless i sell both of my kidneys...ah maybe my liver too...funnily i've never been into iphone (and all of i-stuff like itouch or ipods) matter how modern or beautiful iphone is, i've never have the slightest twinge to possess it (of course the sky-rocketing price plays a part in making that decision)...okay, maybe a bit (who wouldn't want a new phone???)...well, unless i got it as a gift or something...i love presents, so i'll never reject/return it, u know, just in case ehem any of u guys out there is planning to uhmm give me an iphone...

anyway, back to samsung omnia has great features and specifications (that i would probably will never use, i'm a minimal-texter-and-caller kind of person)....its screen is large (i heard it has the largest screen relative to all other touch screens) also has a very beautiful colour resolution...the 5MP camera also doesn't hurt...anyway, give it a check at samsung omnia II page...hint hint - *i want this for my birthday this year ;)*


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