Friday, September 11, 2009

exercise and diet - things i do for love

i'm starting up a new regiment of diet and exercise today (after gobbling up half box of yummy fat-laden chocolate)...i have to lose weight to be healthy and i need to exercise to keep healthy (here's the theme - lose weight or end up a boyfriendless loser forever), i hate exercising in public...the very thought of jumping mindlessly around with my rolls of fats bouncing here and there for public consumption fills me with with unspeakable dread and horror...i hit on this idea suddenly!i got this skipping rope, a legend of, skipping it is...

since i'm yet to be fit as fiddle, i'm doing a-minute-of-jumping-and-rest-and-on-again-with-skipping for 30 minutes a least that's my for diet, i'll keep off chocolates (give a whole bar to nia today hohoho!feel like giving me a good-pat-in-the-back!) and eat 2 meals a day, that's breakfast and lunch...i'll eat 1/2 cup of rice a day to limit my addiction to rice...anyway, i'll try these regiments first...hope it'll work and i'll at least shed a few kilos before eid next week!


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