Tuesday, September 8, 2009

movies and ice-creams - a girl best friend ^^

if there's one thing i'm fanatical about, it's history...historical romance, historical movies, historical dramas...anything period-related (well, other than my other obsessions, i do have tons, unfortunately)....period dresses captivate me...period manners are very interesting...anyway, rachel and i watched 'young victoria' today...no matter what critics might say about that movie (how extravagant in actions and reactions it is or whatever), i love it...simply adore it...it is very beautifully written and i love the love is patently obvious between albert and victoria...

since i love love story, it fits that this movie become my latest favourite...i've been reading about the english monarchy forever, and boy, they are a bunch of interesting people...so full of murders, mysteries and mistresses...ah not forgetting affairs and illegitimate offsprings...anyway, we had a fun movie date, rachel and i...afterward, regardless of the cold (i wonder what part of the cold signals the coming of spring?it's just darned cold!well at least at night), we gifted ourselves some great ice-creams at giapo...rachel got a yummilicious cherries-pistachio-tiramisu cup while i got cherries-and-hazelnut cup...they were indeed heavenly, at NZ$3.50 per scoop (heavenly in taste and price)....

i might be more than 20 bucks poorer today, but both rachel and i enjoyed ourselves (despite of shivering while eating ice-cream...kinda nuts when i think about it)...such a perfect ending of a perfect day ;)

p/s: now, what a nice girl like me can do to get a date with a young, reasonably matured hot guy?


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