Thursday, April 23, 2009

new discovery!

i discovered a great thing it's not the cure for cancer...not it's not the solution to end the war or world it's not a new discovery of a new planet...okay, stop playing, i found a new recipe of rice porridge aka congee...i have loved congee since i was born and fed solid food...i cooked it almost everyday around 2 years ago and i kinda get sick of congee for a while after that...but today, i cooked congee in the microwave...that's not the point here...i was too lazy to cook other meals, well not really, more like too busy, as i had 2 assignments due and 3 tests this week...why am i busy when i had just enjoyed a 2-week break u asked?well...break = holiday = no work!i did take a real break...means, relatively light studying and did a small portion of my assignments, resulting a lot of work and cram sessions this week...i can breathe easy now that all of my tests are over and done with and 1 assignment already handed in on monday...but i still got another assignment due tomorrow...

anyway, the original story here is that i didn't go to the communal kitchen to get ingredients or i had to grab whatever things i have in my apartment kitchen...i have some leftover can of tuna, a bottle of american mustard, strong cheddar cheese, almost finished bottle of mayo, raw rice, salt, sugar and frozen sambal that i made a few days ago...i decided to make congee to eat with the sambal...since i felt that eating congee with sambal was too bland, i added the tuna...and cheddar cheese...the resulting meal is absolutely delicious!it's so great that i ate 4 bowls of congee (well, one for dinner just now)...the taste is indescribable...the addition of cheese made the congee tasted spicy (from the sambal), salty and a bit sour and's give this a try!it's not as disgusting as u may picture it...


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