Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my love affair

i just realised (again, i've forgotten about this after so long) that some perfumes take time to be assimilated with our body natural smell...and that is a deciding factor of the final smell of the perfume...remember i bought this new perfume, ysl baby doll?it's a limited edition and came with a cute pink, fake-pink-feather lining at the edge of the bag...it's also sparkly, not the bag, the perfume itself...i love sparkly things!i felt excited and happy to get this...anyway, the initial spray on evie and meghna caused me to decreed that ysl baby doll have a very strong smell that didn't suit me...it's kinda wasteful and i felt let down, when i was so looking forward to having a new perfume that i can bond with (hohoho...perfume and i, we have a lifelong, everlasting love affair!)...

on the next day, i decided to just wear a few spray to school...why waste right?a few hours after, i smelled a faint whiff of a very lovely smell around me...sniff, sniff, ah, yup it's the smell of the perfume being assimilated to my body smell!it's very pleasant and i love the faint, faint fruit-juice-like smell!it also last quite long and stayed on my clothes even after a few days!i decided that i love ysl baby doll...now i'm looking forward to test dior addict 2...it's not here yet but i'm hoping that we'll fell in love with each other and dior addict 2 will join my harem of perfumes ^^


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