Sunday, April 5, 2009

the artist in me ^^

as u can see i'm making a conscious effort to dabble with photoshop and a host of other virtual artsy things to revamp my blog outlook (not that i'm successful)...i'm trying my best and i got distracted from my main aim (blog revamp) due to the nature of the whole thing which is - FUN FUN FUN!i downloaded a host of cute and great looking fonts and graphics and having a blast photoshopping (does such word exist?)...i even changed my desktop background like thousands of times...i'm loving it!!!

anyway, this is not my best effort...i'm not doing my best to find a great template that mirrors the image of u notice my new heading?i love the curves and the colour tone!anyway, i'm still fooling around with graphics stuff (i don't create them!i download and edit them!)'s my fun-filled day!ah to end this very unnessesary and unimportant post, i'm itching to share my new desktop look...tada!:

ah i also just finished this 5 seconds ago and brimming with childish excitement to share with the whole wide world (cue happy song)!i'll print this and put this up on our (evie, meghna and i) apartment's entrance door...this will be pretty to look at compared to that annoying 'burger fuel' sticker sticking under the peeping, that embarrases if the inhibitants behind this door gorge on those super-humongous yummy burgers day and night!man i wish!ah one door sign coming up:


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