Friday, April 17, 2009

panna cotta and calcium ion channels and pathology

lately i've been busy (yeah right)...after this break i will have 3 tests and 2 assignments far all i have done is a tentative draft for one of my's a review essay...i'm in a generous mood so i'll share the title to's called:

Alteration of signaling and contractile calcium ion in pathological cardiac hypertrophy and arrhythmias mechanism of induction.

i don't even now what the title is about when i put it forward to my course coordinator for an approval...i absolutely don't remember anything on cardiac physiology (after almost 3 years of learning about it over and over again) far all i have unearthed from my readings (believe me 19 readings is no head is still spinning) are calcium ions movement through various channels especially L-type and T-type voltage-gated calcium channel, it's physiological change in pathological situation (hypertrophy) and not so much of arrhythmia...i'm stumped...anyway, this is a bunch of academia...i'm all about fluff and air-headness here....

anyway, i'm all about yui's new song again...i think anime is a big influence on my music playlist as a lot of the japanese artists that i know now are initially singers of opening/ending songs for my various favourite anime series...yui's again is the opening for the new full metal alchemist: brotherhood anime...again, since i'm in such a giving mood, u can listen to the song need to scramble and find it online ^^

i love yui since i heard her song for bleach...i love her song tokyo...i just love her songs...ah utada hikaru released her new album a few weeks ago!i can't wait to listen to her new album...she's my absolute favourite!i love hikari, first love and kremlin dust...a lot of my friends and my sisters said that kremlin dust is such a weird song but i find it charming...i has so much feeling packed into one song....and it's haunting and beautiful...ah now i'm waxing lyrical...hehehe...

ah all this talk about songs remind me of my dinner with rachel yesterday...i love my weekly dinner with rachel...she make my life in auckland much much nicer...we talk about whatever under the sun and she really listens...she's the best!i served chocolate drink, a slice of spinach and feta quiche, rice with potato and peas curry, cabbage cooked with onion and garlic and fried for dessert, i made boysenberry (relic of our last boysenberry chocolate brownie and cheesecake baking session) panna cotta...ah but my boysenberry panna cotta doesn't turn into panna usual, i had no patience in melting the gelatin, thus my panna cotta turned into a boysenberry sweet milk dessert, with bits of gelatin glaringly sticking at the bottom of my beautiful new cherry red and white ramekins...rachel, being rachel (she's genuinely one of the nicest persons that i've been privileged to know), said she liked least its edible...

ah apart from the gelatin disaster, i love my boysenberry panna's my own very recipe of boysenberry panna cotta (err i didn't actually created it, i got the basic ingredients online and tweaked it to my taste):

  • 6 fresh/frozen boysenberries, optional (any fruit is fine, depending on season and taste)
  • 1/4 cup of sugar (put less if u don't like it too sweet)
  • 2 cups of milk (i use powdered milk and it still tasted great...replacing milk with soy is also fine, for those who are allergic to dairy products)
  • 1/2 tablespoon of gelatin
  • 1 cup of cream, optional (i don't use it, too lazy to go out and buy...i think adding heavy cream will make the panna cotta taste nicer)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • put 3 boysenberries in each ramekin
  • add all of the ingredients above excepting the boysenberries into a pot and stir
  • heat up the pot and all of the ingredients under a medium/low fire and stir constantly until gelatin melts and sugar dissolves
  • put the readied liquid into 2 ramekins filled with boysenberries
  • refrigerate for minimum 4 hours (the longer the better)
  • this serves 2 (at least it serves 2 as it fills my 2 cute ramekins)

panna cotta is one of the easiest desserts that u can make...well apart from fresh fruit or cheese plate...i love the milky sweet taste and u can put anything in it...u can make a chocalate panna cotta...fruit panna cotta...plain panna's still delicious...

ah lastly, i need to do whatever i need to do now!need to rush so tada!^^


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