Sunday, April 26, 2009

3 months = 14 weeks

do u know that 3 months consist of around 14 weeks?yeah, it's a myth that a month consists of 4 weeks...fazan told me this before but i never did actually take an active effort to check...ah the wonder of makes u do the most mundane and ridiculous things...i am a very budget conscious person and in the last tri-monthly budget i found out that i was 2 weeks short of my rent and has to be subjected to using my credit card (ah my credit card is poorly abused at the end of my tri-monthly allowance period)...i was, of course, shocked!here i thought i had extra to waste (!it's to save, not waste!)...i hate the thought that i have to use my next tri-monthly allowance for previous months expenses...ah yes i am anal, i'm not offended,'s like digging a hole to cover another's pointless and it defeats the whole purpose of budgeting!plus, it's a vicious cycle...u'll never have enough...

anyway, i decided to check the calender from the month of may to july and there it goes, the extra 2 weeks instead of the nice 12 weeks of 3 yup i scrambled to find my budget file and had to do a massive rebudgeting (and a lot of expenses cutting here and there to save but alas, necessities such as mobile topup and calling home budget cannot be cut) the end, i was left with less than $300 extra for saving than the original budget...that's $100 saving per month!it may not sound a lot but imagine this: with an addition of $70 to the $300 making it $370, i can buy 8gb ipod touch!okay maybe that's too extravagant...hmm for $300 i can buy LG secret mobile phone with addition of around $130....okay okay u get it...with that extra $300 i can do a lot...i can even buy a return ticket to tonga (i am truly looking forward for the trip to tonga with nia!love u nia!hahahaha)...

alas, we can't all get what we want all the time...i can still work if i want more money...that's the best...but then, here i am...wasting my weekend writing on my blog...okay as a closing salvo, i would like to say that i love the 90's music!i'm currently listening to duncan sheik's barely breathing...okay that's got nothing to do with the rest of this but yeah...i love music!


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