Saturday, September 4, 2010

why?...tell me why!

one thing that always always astound and stump me is how korean celebrities only get married when they have a bun in their know what i mean right?...well, maybe it's a generalized statement but come on....if i make a list of korean celebs who marry when they/their gfs are 3 to 5 months old pregnant and charge a dollar for each couple, i could potentially pay my school fees and loans!...

anyway, the main issue that remains mysterious to me is how about half of these couples are very public about their love and affection...wait, the story is hanging there...continuation: how they coo and mooch their love forever and ever in shows and such but only hold a wedding when a baby is on its way...'i love you and you love me and we are one happy oooopppsy oppa, i'm preggie! we are in a world of trouble now! let's make it official before this become a problem of epic proportion!'...

another thing is, sometimes, some of them are together for such long time, people even forgot that they are together!...hey, if you can be together for 3 to 10 years, or even live together for that amount of time, why not tie the knot?...i heard it's very traditional there in korea, where marriage is still being held sanctity...if you can make a baby, either accidental (don't you know abstaining is the best contraception?...i thought people learned it in school, not in malaysia though...that's another story) or not (can you not just wait a bit until the i's dotted and t's crossed?), that means you have a healthy sex life as it is, what's the difference between getting married or eventually get married when one gets pregnant?

anyhow, it's not my problem and these korean celebs don't even know or care about me and my opinions...i'm just stumped by the sheer stupidity of it...i don't care if anyone gets pregnant before marriage...i don't care if they get married...i mean hey, it's their life, their choice....but the number of korean celebs getting married and boom!, a baby 2 to 4 months later, just astounds me...why?...just tell me why!...why do you guys keep doing this?'s like sending a message to others:

'we got married because we got pregnant'
instead of...
'we got married because we are in love'
.....despite the tears and lovey dovey poses in the wedding pictures.


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