Saturday, September 25, 2010

'A Girl Thinks Her Life Is Very Fascinating, She Bares All!' - UoA Tabloid September 2010

i don't know why but i am deeply fascinated with newspaper headings...and transferring that to my whole you know what i am talking about? you don't, now is the time to go and have your head checked, as i am pretty sure you are screwed...nah...i don't even know what i am talking about...err...anyway, my favourite is crossing-the-road-heading...i am a crazy woman who thinks people will give a damn if i die or hurt in a motor a painter you know...those painters have to die before people recognize their genius, but in my case, minus the genius, just the lunatic...

anyway (clap clap clap to my favourite word of all time), when i am crossing a road, especially here in auckland, i always feel like my life is flashing fast forward: tomorrow's newspaper heading 'a stupid girl who jaywalked gets hit by a 40 km/h car'...that kind of thing...or 'a girl hospitalised due to serious injury of hitting a slow-speeding car in an attempt to avoid life'...anyyyywayyy (agian, *sigh*), my life is all about newspaper headings...maybe i should post one for every significant heading i think's all about sharing, right????...


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