Thursday, September 2, 2010

rage 01

something i'm pretty sure almost all people cannot stand is people who don't take care after themselves...well, i'm, as i said earlier, pretty sure, almost all people can't stand these kind of people....i mean, i know i am definitely not perfect...i leave my messes around for other people to clean up to, intentionally or not...but one thing i would definitely definitely NEVER do is leave my shit or pee around....yes, this is crude at the basest want to know why?....why, it never pay to be subtle when i want to get my message across....

i'm done with these kind of's disgusting...don't you ever notice the lever for water pump in the toilet? know, the thing you press when you the toilet to clean your's called a flush and you press it down for water to come from the pump into the toilet bowl...if you shit is proven to be too hard to clean up the first time, please please please learn the virtue of cleanliness and patience by waiting for the water pump to be refilled....then you press it again and repeat the process until all of your shit are all cleaned up, as in none, absolutely NO shit is left in the bowl...seriously, no one wants to come to a toilet to see some streak of shit lying somewhere around the toilet's filthy and disgusting...please, don't you ever learn how to clean up after yourself when you were small?...

do you think someone will gladly clean up your shit?...even the cleaner who are being paid to clean up the toilet doesn't deserve to do it...they are being paid to clean, yes, but not YOUR shit...they are paid to clean the whole toilet in general, as in when the toilet has been used one too many times, it definitely is now officially dirty than shit itself and needs to be thoroughly up individual messes is NOT anyone's's your own job to clean your own make the shit, you clean it...and don't let me start on pee...

yes, pee...don't you ever checked whether the water is all clear after you've departed your pee (i don't even know why i used that word, i'm just raging here)?...pee is smelly and not flushing means the pee smell will get stronger and lingers in the damned, please...learn to flush...twice if you are unsure...yes, this may sound so un-environmental friendly and wastes water, but hey, i'd rather waste water than let people deal with my own damned's majorly gross and so wrong in all level that i feel like chocking the person who does this with his/her own pee...remember, leave clear fresh smelling water in the toilet, not pee-yellowy urinal smelly water!...

i know it's a public toilet but if all learn to clean after themselves, people like me can bear to use it is, i always always unhealthily wait until i get home to do the small or big job, unless i cannot take it any longer...ah, and my last advice on this topic, please please please wipe the toilet seat after you used it...or if you are in malaysia, hose it with water, twice...i don't want my butt to do some indirect skinship with's unhygienic...and much much much yucky!...arghh...DO LEARN THESE 2 THINGS:

life is too short for me to deal with people's shit and pee...i'd rather eat my own shit or drink my own pee than clean up after you disgusting people!

-end of rage-


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