Friday, September 17, 2010

One of the reasons why I never have a significant other:

okay, i have another psychotic habit to getting into something so enthusiastically that i end up not finishing/ending it or losing interest halfway through...for example, this blog is a testament of this habit...there will be one period when i write and share non stop of everything i see or feeling and there will be a time where silence or absence is the word...during the incessant burst of ideas, i have so much thought i scarcely know where to put these's crazy and my writings become really haphazard...when i don't feel like sharing or writing, well, there will be nothing...nothing as in no

another example is watching movies...i would really get crazy in wanting to watch a movie based on rave reviews i hear from friends/media that i go to great lengths in finding the movie...especially if the movie is an old one or unaccessible for some reasons at that particular time...once i got hold of the movie (either from a streaming site or downloading it illegally), i will watch probably around 10 minutes of the opening, then start skipping it until i reach the end...skipping is an attention disorder effect whereby one watches about 15 seconds of a movie/drama scene before moving on to another 10 seconds of further scene and so on...or put watching the rest of the movie on hold, which turns into forever...or skipping for steamy scenes (hey i am human after all) or funny ones or romantic ones...or skipping randomly for around 5 minutes before giving up for altogether...

this habit hold true to dramas too...from about 10 dramas i start watching, i will end up watching about 2 until the very end...even the 2 doesn't deserve the cavalier treatment they get...i will avidly watch first few episodes before starting the 'skipping' habit of watching only a few episodes or a few minutes per episode...the ones i like, i mean really intensely like, will probably escape this death by negligence....however, be aware that the ones that i intensely like are so rare i can safely say that i have probably watch about 10 to 15 dramas in my lifetime that i watch until the end (the 'skipping' habit included in this number)....

that's why when i really want to do something, it's the best if i do it immediately...if not, i will definitely lose interest and bam, bye bye whatever i fell in love with at the moment...that is also why when i want to write something i will immediately write, even if it doesn't make sense (which most probably contribute to 99% of gibberish you can find in this blog huhuhu)...and no, i rarely really recheck my post for errors simply because i lose interest after posting it...hohoho...that's who i kinda person hohoho...i'm commitment phobic...i'm getting help...say in 10 years?


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