Thursday, January 14, 2010


a lot of things are viral...insidious...easily word by mouth, text, email, anything....anyway, my sister told me she forced her bf to read my blog...amazing how someone can force someone to do something...are my words that interesting (note to self - give me a satisfying pat in the back)?...this is so embarrassing...i'm doing some self promotion here...

okay, famous last words...i have nothing to say to interest anyone...this is just plain boring...i am boring...i don't have a resemblance of life....the only thing i see these days are my room, my bed, mama's face, jaja's face, alin's face, baba's face, aboy's face, gegel's face, my laptop, my living hall, my mama's kitchen and the restaurants we go to eat every now and then (btw mama - i really really love the nyonya's place and the other restaurant at wangsa walk ^^)....


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