Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mama in her mood

mama is in a decorating frenzy...she has been buying furniture, knick-knacks, plants and flowers and house fixtures since early november last year...slowly she is throwing away rubbish (well, mummy simply cannot throw things away, not matter how useless and old those things are, so indeed, we have lots of things to throw)....the rubbish is just humongous!!!!!!....anyway, now we have new beds, new study tables, new bathroom fixtures and water heater, new pretty fans, new lights, new study chairs (very very cute!in purple and pink), new air-con unit, more plants and okay the list is just endless....

anyway, on top of all decorating frenzy, she is painting our house...when i came home late november last year, she has done the ground floor and she is currently attacking our rooms and toilet...the result is...we have to smell the horrendous paint fumes...and guess what?...she always always always make sure she paints at night, the time when all of us are busy doing something important in the room....

i am still reeling and feeling light headed from last night's paint fumes when mummy painted our bedroom door (it's really clean pretty white!now we can't differentiate our room door and the wall surrounding it!thanks mama!)...and when we complained, guess what mummy said...'i love the smell of new paint!why don't u guys like it?'...in a puzzled voice....well...we just don't...we get headaches...it's really toxic...mummy u should be wary of the smell!!!!!!!

another moment to remember is the fact that last night's door painting lead to splashing of white paint on jaja's bags...she just split...it's not funny but alas, when i recall back, the moment is simply precious...mama's reaction: 'just wash the bags'....the thing is, it is not washable!!!!

overall, i like our house as it is...it's home...but mama wants to make it prettier...she is still painting and buying and throwing things...well ma, what ever that makes u happy!!!!!in the end, we still love our house, if only our neighbours smelly cats can miraculously disappear somewhat (or the neighbours themselves pretty please?)....won't that be just perfect?


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