Thursday, January 14, 2010


my family are lovers of in old songs, any old songs...from the 80's to any earlier era...i grow up listening to my dad's favourite songs like lady in red by chris de burgh and so many other songs...jaja especially loves oldies...anyway, mama reminded me of another of my favourite - sad movies (make me cry) by sue thompson while listening to broery marantika and the carpenters yesterday...and that makes me want to share the really really sad song....give it a try...the lyrics are straight-forward and sad...

sue thompson - sad movie (make me cry)

sometimes i can't bear to listen to this song...i don't know...i just feel that this song, as simple as it is, is full of heartbreak...kinda hard, sometimes, to take it has similar ambiance to songs like ray peterson's tell laura i love her...very touching songs...hope u'll appreciate this song like mama and i do ^^


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