Monday, January 11, 2010

joyeux anniversaire baby girl!

yes yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the time of the month, ooops, the special time of the year when one's loved ones celebrated the date of one's birth (can i be more lame?)...on this auspicious day (the date will remain a secret due to the fact that i'm pretty sure my baby girl will be royally pissed if i even mentioned a teeny tiny hint of the real date here) i will make a special dedication to my little baby girl...not that she's small anymore...or even a u go baby girl!happy ehem something-year birthday baby girl!!!!!!!!!!u r one special baby who aggravates me every moment in my life....

on that special note, it is worth noted that i wished her happy bday about 30 minutes past 12 am on her birthday....she somehow sounded hmm pissed off but not really (since she was on the phone with her reject bf, opps i promised not to say anything about her bf, very touchy subject, that)...moving on, i haven't gotten her a bday present...typical mohd hanif household tradition...not that she has consistently given me any bday present all these years (believe me, it has considerably been years, well my age is a closely guarded secret)...

to end this dedication, i want to make a special note that her bf did gave her a perfect present...the idea of the whole thing is perfect anyway, if not the actual present...he gave her a pair of shoes! u may have noted, me being a queen of shoe-whore has bequeathed my shoe-whoredom to my dear sister baby loves shoes...but........(a long pause to mark a long pondering/reflection session)....the shoes themselves...need more help here, dear are the shoes (i know i did promised my whole body cell that i wouldn't mention her present or the shoes themselves but i couldn't resist!she is my baby sister!):'s a tad too uhmm matronly-ish for my teenage sister...but it's the thought that matters, non?...what do u think?


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