Sunday, June 7, 2009

temptation, temptation!

as everyone keep on saying 'u know it's winter when u eat like a starving lion with a piece of meat' it is, i do eat a lot (i start eating when i open my eyes and only stop when i close them or running out of things to eat) my effort in gobbling triples in, as usual, i cook dishes that can last at least for 2 days (or i stretch them to 3 or 4 days, depending on my mood on cooking and ability to keep myself away from the fridge)...

lo and behold, me the goddess of domesticity (nothing to do with the rest of this particular sentence), today, ate, 4 pieces of lavishly buttered wheat toasts with maple syrup (tons of cholesterol and calories), a hash brown, a bowl of rice with a hash brown and celery and mushroom cooked with onion, garlic and oyster sauce, a half bowl of rice with fish ball 'sambal' (more and more and more cholesterol and calories), a mug of maple syrup lemonade (my absolute favourite!!!) and a mug of chamomile tea (evie's favourite) and gallons of plain water (my trusty plain water)...

n now, i'm still salivating...i'm thinking of my clam tom yum soup that i made today (i cooked that along with celery and mushroom cooked with onion, garlic and oyster sauce, fish ball 'sambal', hash browns and fried egg)...yipes!i need to focus on something else!ahhh...what about some garlic bread (bought this garlic spread that tastes heavenly yesterday, recommended by miss dora)...urghhh...need to think on something else!!!!anyhow, i'm glad i made myself a mug of maple syrup lemonade just least my mouth and my hands are occupied, preventing myself of touching my ration of tomorrow (or the next 2-3 days) food!what a temptation!


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