Tuesday, June 2, 2009

your accent is sooooooooo damn annoying!

i encountered that a lot...not that someone said it to my face...more like, it's me who go around thinking 'omg this girl needs to learn how to talk!'...yup it's vicious considering i have an accent too...in the context of new zealand english, i have the 'malaysian' accent (surprise, surprise)...at least i'm a bit better since i'm less pronounced (i don't know why it's just how it is) according to my former roommate (a new zealander) and i don't have the compulsion to add 'lah' at the end of my every sentence...but u get it...i still have a different accent from the new zealander...no matter how i drag my 'A' and pronounce anything with an 'E' to 'I', i still am different...

is it a wonder how i get so annoyed when people with the korean/chinese/japanese/russian or any other conceivable accents start speaking...'we need to be precise in this matter' becomes 'wii nid to be precisess innn dis matta'...yes, it's a double standard thing...it grates on my nerves but i'm pretty sure my own accent gets on someone else's nerves (probably more than half of the population that i interact with everyday)...so...what is my point here?

nothing...accented english exists...unless u are born and bred in england, u will always have accent (even americans have the american accent, believe me, i have an american friend nouran, and even rachel said her accent is so uhmm weird even though we've watched countless american mass-produced shows)...even english people themselves have different accents according to the places they are from (public vs private schools and so on)...i

guess it depends on the context of the society u are in...rachel and i found nouran's american english weird coz we are so used to listening to nz english and american accent spoken in american movies are different as all of the actors and actresses speak with the same accent so it is less/not noticable...as for people who are not from the oz or nz, they will say that the accent is similar but there is actually a difference (yes, i've been to oz and i think their accent is different though not so markedly different)...

so should i get annoyed with these thick accents?....no...i should've been more tolerant...but hey!i'm human...every now and then we are allowed to act like accident-prone, sinful and making-various-mistakes normal human...'i need tin of these pencils...may i pay with a tin?it's a good pencil aye?'...hehehehe...


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