Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this and that - a matter of deep thoughts and shower

i admit i am as shallow as a puddle...i refuse to think of things that matter such as world peace, war, poverty, politics and world justification: my life is already hard as it is...i talk a lot...most of them are things that doesn't affect anyone, not in what really matters...anyway, why do i suddenly become this deep?nah...not that deep...just thinking...i've stumbled across some blogs that touch upon important things such as racism and'm content to talk about things that i've read and seen, (which is not impressive so far, i admit) my conversations and whatever that interests me at that particular moment...

why do i suddenly sound defensive?not really, i'm bored, i just filched one of evie's instant coffee packet (and feel guilty, will ask for her permission asap) and it's like 630 in the morning and i have no one to gives me too much time in my hands and that's a health hazard...i tend to go deep and well, it's not good...anyway, i really need to contact angie (for all of u all's info, that's my elusive apartment agent) about that light bulb in my gave up for ghost and girls and shower, it's a frightening combination...i need my shower desperately!!!

ah i remember now (this got absolutely nothing what-so-ever with the things i said earlier here)!!!i was doing my exam...all was fine and dandy...but u know, exam and health don't go hand in hand...u get sick a lot (at least i do, i got runny nose every time i'm having exams, i don't know why but i just do)....runny nose is very disgusting and snorting is not a best option (u can imagine my exam neighbours glaring at me, the noise is distracting) i had to ask for tissues...the lady who passed me the tissues seemed reluctant to go near me...i think she wouldn't touch me with a 10-foot pole...i guess it all boils down to the massive uni warning about the swine flu...they even reminded us to not attend exam if u are suspected of the flu...well lady, i'm pretty sure i'm not having the swine flu, just the exam flu...does that mean i may be excused from exam?hehehe...


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