Monday, June 1, 2009

welcome june!i am one month older!

new month means new things to ponder...errr...not really...buuttt...i do have this thing that i wonder until now why i keep on doing...i sleep on the floor when i feel dirty and too tired/lazy to take another hauling shower before my's very painful for my back and neck...i feel bad when i wake up...i also feel like stupid when i wake up...i can't even sleep for more than 3-5 hours when i sleep on the damn floor!why give up a perfectly comfy bed to sleep on the floor?it's a rethorical question...i still wonder...ah yes, probably coz i don't feel like 'infecting' my own bed with my anal can i be?...

moving on, moving on...i still have yet to touch my dirty laundry...the reason?yes, my humongous wardrobe enables me to amply collect dirty laundry until i have none to that a valid reason to pile up towering number of dirty used clothes for weeks (uhmm months?)?YEAH DEFINITELY!err i actually need to force my mind and body to do my laundry...all the dirty laundry in one one must not be good for my lungs (and brain)...especially now i'm cooped up all the more in my room (thank god my room is so huge i can get lost in it) with the window partially closed due to yes yes yes the cold cold winter chill...i guess i can blame on the heater and dirty laundry air (that fried my brain cells to become more lazy than my normal couch potato bones) for my reluctance to do my laundry...okay, i'm piling up blames here and there but hey, this is my right as a human being to say whatever i like ^^

i also noticed that sometimes i can be so crazy silly stupid, i am afraid to ask questions or approach a display area in a shop where the salespeople are around...that's tremendously silly...i mean they are there to be bothered right?that's what they are paid for right?how come i'm scared of them like one they are one of my examiner in some important exam?this is not malaysia where salespeople are snobs who look at you up and down and turn up their nose (how scary salespeople can be to my fragile ego) and say things like 'yes madam how may i help u?' haughtily with their hands clasped in front of them like a proper english housekeeper and standing up all erect and correct like their spine has been enforced with metal lining...makes me want to jump and shout 'aye aye sir!no sire!' and salute them...the more expensive the shops are, the more butlerish the salespeople are...sometimes i feel like shouting 'hey!i know i don't look rich but doesn't any customer a potential buyer???and plus, U R JUST A SALESPERSON!it's not a brain surgery!'...okay that's bitchy...but i have my bitchy side (most of the time)...

anyway, moving on to auckland salespeople...amazingly after 10-odd years of salespeople-battle-experince-scars, i'm still able to act like a reasonable shopper and go in any shops i like from my favourite boutiques like portsman to designer shops like louis vuitton (though designer stuff is never my favourite, coz they are wayyyy beyond my price range and let's face it, i'm more cutesy in style than designer) and poke my nose around like a hound dog in auckland shops..the auckland salespeople are so perfect (at least they seemed tailor-made for dear ole moi), they greet you like a long lost friend with 'hi!how's ur day so far?' or 'hey!how are you?need any help there?' with such sheer chirpiness that i somehow want to become all cheery too (or depending on my mood, i can feel like i want to smash their faces, how can a person be so chirpy so early in the morning?they are not human, more like chirpy robots hahaha)...i usually reply with 'that's alright...i'm just looking around!thanks!'...and with a smile and 'just buzz me if u need any help!', they leave me alone in peace...they don't follow ur movement with the corner of their eyes, as if they expect u to filch a stupid shopping bag and they are all ready to denounce u (at least that's what i feel with malaysian salespeople most of the time)...i think the malaysian salespeps need to take a lesson in sales-101 from nz salespeps...or i need to shop less...i am turning into a monster shopper lately...i need help!!!!


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