Monday, June 8, 2009

daddy mine!

daddies are the cutest!my baba is usually flustered when it comes to his brood of sisters, little brother and i can be such pests most of the time but he usually gives in to our 'pesting'...a lot of my friends said i am terribly spoiled...i get what i want by sheer stubbornness (i butt heads with my baba all the time!)...this is a story that keeps repeating itself out and it's sweet in it's own way...

my sisters (the elder 3, jaja, gegel and i) are avid stalkers...we stalk the lives of our little family (baba and mama included) especially our little ones (alin and aboy, who're 14 and going to be 13 this year)...jaja, gegel and i still consider alin and aboy the babies of the house...since aboy is the only boy of the family and has a vestly different interests from us girls, he is considered a special case...and now he's into his macho phase, he becomes more different...alin is very affectionate to jaja...she allows jaja to kiss her all the time...that's why jaja calls her my kak lin (kak is a respectful way to address an older sister though alin is the youngest sister), baby, or b...alin's relationship with gegel is weirder...they share a room and i can safely say that alin shares all of gegel's stuff (according to a long litany of complaints by gegel on the phone) turn, alin allows gegel to bite and sit on her (which is truly weird but if u know gegel since she was a toddler, it is not so weird after all)...i guess that's the way gegel express her for me, i just buy alin and aboy things...i love shopping for them ;)

anyway, the story here is, us the 3 stooges (aka jaja, gegel and i) turn into professional stalking since our babies have a social that they are in high school, they even have significant others (or so we concluded from our active, relentless stalking sessions) which is not an acceptable situation for us...they are OUR BABIES!!!they are supposed to act cute and ask stupid questions and allow us to kiss them!anyway, we always confront them about their 'bf' and 'gf' (puke-worthy sentence here!!!) and tease them unmercifully...i even said to alin yesterday after a stalking-her-'bf's'-myspace-page session, that i rejected her 'bf'!my baby is soooo cute and her 'bf' is such a barf!!!he's a reject!!!!what's this has to do with my daddy?

good i called daddy n said 'baba u should stop allowing alin and aboy from having bf and gf!!!they are too young!!!and stop letting alin from hanging-out with her friends at the mall!!!'...n baba's infamous reply - 'i don't want to hear about all these!i want to hear about good grades and study'...yup...baba is all about study and good grades and he probably doesn't really know how to reply to other things unrelated to health, money and cute!!!i always told baba to not allow my babies to date...they are my babies!!!!i can't let gooooo!!!!!!!my babies!!!how fast they are growing up...and he always let me do whatever i want...i guess that's why he never actually ask about our 'relationships' and is so open to anything that all of us do...i have a great baba ^^

btw, our method of stalking is checking their mobile phones for calls and texts, checking their myspace, friendster and facebook pages and other secret spy methods that cannot be divulged in's a matter of high security....


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