Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Malays Do Best

One thing I hate the most is people who count every one of their deeds. Don't get me wrong, you can count all you want. Do it in the privacy of your own mind or to your closest family/friends. However, it's just to disgusting when you do it in front of other people who are not even close to you. I notice this happens a lot since I've been back here in my home country. And I can safely say, this is a 'Malay mentality'. Okay, I'm making a sweeping statement here (generalisation), but seriously, it's irksome.

Being a Malay myself, that is nothing to be proud of. I'll explain. When you choose to do something, a job you are being paid of, something you've agreed to do in exchange to money and other compensations like holidays and insurance and whatnot, please do it diligently, if not sincerely. It's hateful when you say this, 'You know, I don't have to do this job. I can just leave. You should be thankful I'm here. Bla bla bla.'. That's just petty. First of all, just because I'm young, okay younger, doesn't mean that I'm blindly obedient. That's just plain stupid, I'm never one who suffers a fool.

Secondly, get this straight in your head please, no one FORCE you to take up that job. Just like when a politician/minister chooses to offer his services and done his level best to be elected for a government high administrative job, don't expect people to bow down and let you walk all over us, the mere citizens. Don't expect to do your job, the job you chose to do, the one that you are obligated to do since you are paid for it, and say, 'Hey, you should kiss my big fat ass and thank the great God that I'm here to do this. I don't have to do this, you know.'. Get it right, mister. You CHOSE to accept the responsibility and the job. We are the ONES who vote for you, not the other way round. No one put a gun on your head and force you to do it. So, just do your job well and remember that you CHOOSE to do it in the first place, we CHOOSE you in the first place (and not the other way round) and you are so well COMPENSATED with money, fame, connection, bribes, illegal stuff, cheap women and whatshit, so shut your trap.

But I digress. This actually applies to all people who work. No one told you to take up a job. You yourself has the freedom of choice to accept a job. It may be primarily due to money, I really actually don't care about your motivation/s, but just do your job. Remember (this is becoming a theme), you CHOOSE to do the job and you are PAID to do the job. It's not as if you are doing it for free. Even volunteers don't have the right to say, 'I don't need to do this, you should be thankful that I'm here to save the mankind bla bla bla.' as they VOLUNTEER. Which means, even if you are not monetarily compensated for a job, you CHOOSE to do it. Again, it's not as if someone held you with a knife on your throat and ask you to choose between your stupid fucking life or to volunteer to do a freaking job.

I fucking hate this. I hate it when people who ARE supposed to do their FREAKING job who expect us to listen and do what you bid just because you are performing a service that you CHOOSE and are PAID for. So, please, all Malays out there. Stop this, be-thankful and I-don't-need-to-do-this nonsense. Just shut your trap and do your job. Just because you are older and more experienced, it doesn't necessarily translate to being wiser and better. It doesn't mean that you don't need to earn other people's respect, especially someone younger. Younger people are not obligated to automatically respect you, just like you are not automatically obligated to respect us. So, be mature about this. I don't respect you just because you are in the position of authority. Do your job well and respect my rights, I'll do my best on my part and respect you in return. If you keep on repeating saying the things of the same vein, just quit the job already okay? Comprendre?


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